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Talebiniz alındı. Teşekkürler!
Talebiniz alındı. Teşekkürler!

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Reduce the operational burden of recruitment, speed up processes

Manage all your processes from start to finish, from job creation to proposal submission, on one platform with Talentics, Kolay İK's recruitment and candidate tracking app. Save time and cost by automating recruitment processes!


What is included in the implementation of the recruitment and candidate tracking system?

Stand out with your career page

Create your company-specific career page in seconds without the need for any software knowledge, start filling vacancies.

  • Zero job posting and career page cost
  • Design to match your brand identity
  • Customize application pages according to position needs
  • Strong & accurate positioning of the employer brand

Apply according to your own criteria

Automatically gather all the information you need to know about candidates in one app, whether you can easily reach talent from your career page or through a variety of media.

  • Job specific ad application pages and stage customization
  • Upload resume in different formats
  • Automatic labeling according to the competencies entered in the application
  • Automatic transfer of information entered in applications and resumes to the application by scanning

Recover the time you set aside for planning

Quickly inform all stakeholders involved in the recruitment stages, saving time in all processes from interview scheduling to proposal submission.

  • Zoom, Google Meets, Microsoft Teams integrations
  • Shared calendar scheduling feature from within the app
  • Ready-made email templates
  • Status updates & email notifications

Do not let the burden of the operation remain in one department

Create a fiction where all stakeholders involved in the recruitment stages can contribute with notes and assessments while easily following the process.

  • Practical and easy to use for everyone
  • Position-specific ready scorecards
  • Standardized interview notes to be able to evaluate the candidate objectively
  • Screens showing the stage at which the candidate is and general evaluations

Build a strong pool of candidates

Store information about all candidates who apply to your company or all the candidates you see potentially on a single platform without getting lost in different files; easily reach it when needed.

  • Candidate's curricula, portfolio and case studies
  • All interview notes & evaluation scores
  • Advanced filtering features (Position, school, competence, etc.)
  • Categorization according to the reasons for rejection of the offer

Quickly filter, report easily

Measure the performance of your hiring team, assess your stages, calculate the cost of operations, and make data-driven decisions to find the best candidates as soon as possible.

  • Instant display of metrics on a single screen
  • Automatic calculation of metrics such as position filling time, etc.
  • Evaluation forms that come out when the candidate stages end
  • Create a report in Excel format
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Try the personnel management software now for free for 15 days, with no setup and no credit card required.