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Talebiniz alındı. Teşekkürler!

Bu formu göndererek, gizlilik politikamızı okuduğunuzu, anladığınızı ve kabul ettiğinizi onaylamış olursunuz.

Manage, track, archive HR processes from a single app

Manage conciseness, leave, expenses, points, overtime, embezzlement, training and much more from a single app with the Personnel Management app. Reduce your workload in your HR operations by up to 76%. Minimize margin of error and time loss.


How to streamline your easy HR personnel management processes

Set up your human resources operations on Kolay İK to suit your company flow. Let everyone from managers to employees request leave, overtime, expenses, advances from their own accounts, you just have to manage it easily.

Gather employee information in one place

Securely store your resume files on a single platform with Kolay İK. Easily access all the information you need from the moment of entry to exit of the employee, access up-to-date data at any time.  
Editing specific to your company's working hours
Customizable areas to suit your company needs
Storing and archiving employee documents
View employee history and career steps
Smart reminders for special occasions to follow

Easily manage permission processes

Manage permit processes according to legal regulations and current laws thanks to the ready-made version of Kolay İK. Set company, branch, or department-specific approval flows, see conflicting permissions at a glance, and save 84% time in permission management processes.
Easy permission request and admin approval via mobile app
Permission deserving and balance indicators for employees and managers
Request and confirmation emails
Manage payment traffic with expense and expense information
Payroll-eligible leave reports

Track scoring on a single screen

With the Kolay İK Time Management module, display all your data on one screen, such as employees' entry-exit hours, days of absence, breaks, public holidays, individual leave, missing and overtime.
Dispute warning system
Payroll ready reporting
Customizable editing according to work style
Automatic reflection of requests, such as permission, in the score
Different degrees of authorizations

Report your information in one click

Report every data held in Kolay İK as you wish. Prepare special reports for you, including the data you need on employee identification files, remaining leave balances, overtime, expenses, premiums and advances, and download them in any format.
Create your own report with the Create Your Own feature
Create and download reports in different formats
Overtime and leave balance reports
Special authorization for points
Smart reminders for special occasions to follow

Additional features

High Data Security

With Easy HR, all data between users is encrypted with bank-standard SSL certificates.

Aplicaciones gratis

Use free apps like food card, bank integration, overtime, points right away.

Prezzo economico

Seleccione pacchetti che sono disponibili per il tuo società basato número di lavoro, utilizzando si ti volim, premi come usare.

Supporto illimitato

Ask us about any topic via the chat app at the bottom right or via email.

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Try the personnel management software now for free for 15 days, with no setup and no credit card required.