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İKahve 06

It took almost years for many of us to step back into the office, and even some companies (including Kolay İK ) decided to continue working remotely permanently. Eighty percent of office workers say they want to work remotely at least at some point, and many would even accept a cut from their salaries in exchange for that flexibility. But what about how happy we are when we work remotely, how well things get done, are we more efficient when we work remotely, and is our psychology in place when we do all this?

In the sixth issue of IKAHVE, where we are looking for these answers, we discussed remote work under the heading “Remote”. Around the world, we've compiled interviews, research, and a host of statistics to understand the challenges that remote workers and companies face every day and how they deal with them. If you are looking for advice or new perspectives on how others manage remote work and teams, you are sure to find enlightening articles in this number.


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İKahve 06
İKahve'nin 6. sayısının konusu: İlk bakışta korkutucu gelen "uzak"
İKahve 05
İKahve'nin 5. sayısının konusu: Yüksek oranına rağmen az konuşulan mobbing
İKahve 04
İKahve'nin 4. sayısının konusu: Geleceğin İK trendleri dijitalleşme ve kültür
İKahve 03
İKahve'nin 3. sayısının konusu: Karmaşık denince akla gelen bordro ve ücret değerlendirme
İKahve 02
İKahve'nin 2. sayısının konusu: Şirketler için anahtar niteliğindeki performans değerlendirme
İKahve 01
İKahve'nin 1. sayısının konusu: Alması ayrı vermesi ayrı dert izinler

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