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What to do to become a human resources specialist?

Tunca Üçer

To be a human resources specialist or not to be, that is the question. You have been waiting for this day for weeks. You woke up in the morning and looked in the mirror. You chose the simplest of the shirts that you were trying to decide between, quickly drank the coffee on the kitchen table, and set off. Christ no! Traffic jam isn’t on your side today. Your mind is racing with irrelevant questions, but you have the answers for all of them.

What was your ranking in your department? Second place.

Where did you complete your master’s degree? Istanbul University.

What do you like doing in your spare time? I love reading books. I have been playing tennis for years.

Fortunately, the traffic jam took pity on you. You started feeling like an ant at the entrance of the huge skyscraper, even though you lost count of your previous job interviews. You thought you were at where you wanted, and that you were going to get it done, and you walked inside. As you were excitedly introducing yourself to the information desk, you suddenly realized the other candidates standing on your left and doing the same. They led you into the waiting room. When you entered the room, you noticed that there were three more people waiting, perhaps for the same position. You sat in the first empty chair you saw, and like others, started waiting. You started repeating the questions and the answers in your head. University, master’s degree, previous work experience, foreign language levels… But suddenly, another question appeared on your mind. How will the human resources specialist listen to so many candidates in one day? Will the time be enough? Won’t he/she get tired? Was all his/her job finding a candidate that will produce added value for the position? What must be done to become a human resources specialist? Where did all these questions suddenly come from?

Now relax, and sit back. The questions are quite normal and consistent in themselves. We can feel you thinking that excess excitement isn’t good for you because you are questioning the job of a human resources specialist at a job interview. Everything is all right. We will reveal the answers to your questions one by one. Hold tight… These questions did not drop from space, and human resources specialists aren’t aliens 🙂 You would have eventually asked the questions “What is human resources?” and “What does a human resources employee do?” to yourself one day. We have prepared the answers for you.

What is human resources?

Human Resources is a department that regulates the relationship between the employing company and its employees and determines the employee profile and working strategy of the companies. In addition to finding the employees who will hold the position needed, human resources also perform the functions such as rewarding, training and payment of the personnel under the roof of the company.

It is also the responsibility of the HR departments in the companies to increase the loyalty among the employees, to strengthen the corporate belonging and to ensure the flow of the internal communication cycle in a transparent environment. The responsibilities of the human resources are the preparation of the right and adequate job vacancies for the current positions, the selection of the desired candidate and the selection of the ideal candidate, the official application of the selected candidate to the company and the implementation of all the procedures in the relevant process, the completion of the stages in the orientation and adaptation stage for the new employees.

You are both born a human resources specialist, and you become one!

So, what should I do to become an HR expert? We are confident that you are also curious about the answer to this question. If you want to start your career as an HR employee or continue, you have to answer the following question: Why HR?

It is an undeniable fact that HR is one of the most important units of a company. In particular, the digital transformation in communication networks makes the ”human“, the most valuable resource of the institutions, increasingly valuable. However, you should look into human resources in detail. After the completion of the undergraduate program, you can take a master’s degree in HR and give direction to your career. It is also important to have a certificate by participating in the specialization programs through which you can learn about Human Resources Management Systems. Of course, being a professional and successful HR employee is not possible only with education. We are not even talking about speaking foreign languages 🙂 In order to follow the developments in the field of human resources globally and make a difference with strategic moves, English is a must. The other language knowledge you will put next to English will make it easier for you to be noticed and to be at the forefront at every point in your career.

Communication comes first!

Yes, you’re not reading it wrong. The other formula of success in the HR field is to strengthen your communication. Patience, empathy, mastering the skills of listening, turning the differences into opportunities and a positive structure, are among the musts. Remember, an HR employee is the first person that potential job candidates face in that institution. For this reason, the role of HR departments in corporate representation should not be overlooked. If you want to be a coveted HR employee, it is your responsibility to be an example to your employees. In short, everything starts with communication and ends with you 🙂

Yes, dear HR employee candidate… This article written for you is ending here. We hope we have answered some of the questions in your head. Here is an advice for you. If you are an HR employee and you use Kolay, you can quickly take care of all of your business and save your time, which is the most valuable asset in life, and you can focus on different jobs with high added value, and you can make a difference!

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