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What is shift management?

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What is shift management?

Kolay aims to digitize all human resources processes. For this reason, we constantly try to find the challenges in the processes between the employees and the companies and solve them.

In the research we conducted, we realized that when you enter a random shopping mall and a random store, a person working there does not know which days and hours they will work next week. An excel sheet is prepared and hung on the wall during the week, and the employees keep track of their shifts by taking a photo of this excel sheet. Even aside from the retail sector, doctors are keeping track of their shifts through a piece of paper they carry in their pockets. Kolay has carried out a new and huge improvement with the aim of facilitating this difficulty for companies.

What is a shift?

Shift means the regulation of working hours. The purpose of the shift system implementation is the continuation of the production processes in a continuum by different groups of people in different periods of time. In the shift system, different groups of employees work successively within different time periods.

Until the Industrial Revolution, the working time referred to a single time period for agricultural or workshop production. Workers or peasants would work from the moment they woke up until dark when they would call it a day, and they would only sometimes receive compensation for their work. Following the Industrial Revolution, workers started to work outside the working hours of the day to generate added value, which resulted in problems of productivity as the workers worked above their capacity. Thereafter, two different groups of workers were employed in the factories, day and night.

In these periods when human resources were seen only as a source of efficiency and/or productivity, the workers would work until they have no staying power. The discussions on this matter began in 1860 with a study on the working conditions of bakers in England. The problem was no longer just an efficiency problem, it was also considered as a public health problem. In the 1900s, the shift system was questioned, and in many countries, women and children were prohibited from working on the night shift until a new regulation was established. (1)

However, the achievements of the workers’ movements following the industrial revolution, especially in America and Europe, have made the shift system a solution for efficient, regular and equitable work. With limited working hours and improved working conditions, shift management has been a solution in favour of workers in long working hours.

What is shift management?

Shift management is the scheduling of the working hours of the workers. Different approaches can be adopted while organizing the schedule. To solve shift scheduling problems, a model is created by using mathematical modeling, heuristic algorithms, or both. Mathematical models such as linear programming, integer programming, target programming, and dynamic programming, or heuristic algorithms such as generic algorithm, tabu search method, and stochastic programming can be given as examples to these methods of modeling. (2)

Shift management is preferred in sectors where production processes or working hours are long. In a small research we conducted among our users, we saw that our users operating in the following sectors need shift management software:



Tourism and Hotel Management



Call Centers

Security Services

In addition, we have received the interest of companies in many different sectors where production continues.

What could ‘shift management’ be?

Shift management cannot always be realized in every sector. Although the term shift management is used in sectors where blue-collar workers are majority, it refers to the distinction of night-day shifts. For this reason, we have not yet decided what the name of our new feature will be. Suggestions are shift management, work schedule, work management etc. If you have suggestions, we’d love to hear them.

What are the features of Kolay’s ‘shift management’?

Shift Management will soon be available at Kolay. At the moment our team is working hard to develop Shift Management.

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