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Tips to Optimize Your Time as a Team

Gizem Küçükcan

Every organization is founded upon the individuals working to achieve their goals, and these individuals’ personal qualities affect how successfully they deliver as a company. So, having qualified and experienced members in your organization is one of the key factors in creating an effective workforce that meets the company’s requirements. But regardless of the personal success and qualifications of employees, organizations can fail to conduct in a seamless and efficient manner if they cannot manage to make their team members work as a well-organized team. And the first step in helping your employees work as a team is focusing on your time management.

tips to optimize your time as a team

In this article, we are going to give you time management tips that can help you in your team’s time management process and eventually increase their productivity. 

Create clear roles and set reasonable expectations

            Before using any time management strategies, what you need to do first is to thoroughly know your team members and what they are capable of. This is especially essential for large businesses with many departments because it may get harder to identify individuals’ personal goals as the teams grow. Every employee in your organization needs to clearly know what their roles are in their team and what they need to achieve as individuals for the company to overcome its struggles. After clarifying what everybody in your team is capable of and finding ways to improve quality, it is important to set realistic goals and deadlines to avoid discouraging your team members. To do that, you can divide bigger tasks into smaller chunks and distribute them with shorter deadlines. This will not only make the tasks much more manageable, but it will also make your team much more aware of their progress and encourage them to deliver their goals on time.

Use team deadlines

            When everybody’s goals and deadlines are different from each other, discrepancies among your employees may occur since it’s impossible to expect everyone to be as precise as their teammates. These inconsistencies in your workflow usually lead to disruptions in your time management. In order to avoid these disruptions, you can try to set one deadline for all members of your different teams. A single deadline will ensure that each member of the team is working towards a common goal. This will also allow them to get feedback from their peers and work together to improve the quality of the final product.

Manage your meetings

            Even though organizational meetings are crucial for your employees to get informed about the current situation of your company and their progress level, it’s not that hard to admit that a considerable amount of time spent in meetings can be not as productive as usual. And eliminating these non-essential times from your meetings can highly affect your team’s time management just by allowing them to focus on their personal goals instead.

Setting the right meeting starts with selecting the right time and location. It is important to set a specific time, not just go whenever the time is convenient because it also leads to interruptions in your employees’ workdays and even makes them feel frustrated. In addition, you can set a time limit for all your meetings to avoid unnecessary time losses. 

Time management in a company – modern cartoon people characters illustration with happy smiling collegues, a clock, skateboard, ladder. Metaphorical composition is an example of productiveness at work

Regularize team reports

The benefits of regular team meetings are manifold. Regular team meetings help to promote positive communication, collaboration, and knowledge sharing among team members. They also provide a time for the team to review their progress and the obstacles they might be facing. They also help clarify project requirements and identify potential risks. This leads to more efficient use of resources, like your time, that will ultimately lead to better results for the company. By creating a habit of regular team meetings, you can also streamline your time management process since these meetings will provide you with a precious overview of your team’s progress and help you create new time management strategies if needed. 

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