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Onboarding Mistakes and How to Avoid Them?

Melis Oktay
Onboarding mistakes and how to avoid them?
Onboarding mistakes and how to avoid them?

Hiring new and promising talents is one of the most effective ways to improve the overall quality of your workforce so, there is no room for onboarding mistakes. Every new talented employee will make a unique addition to your company. As we had said in our latest article, the interview process starts with finding the right person among your candidates. However, it does not end there; hiring the required talent does not mean that they will instantly begin making the expected and desired contributions to your organization. You need to take the necessary steps to include them in your company correctly to see their full potential. 

Nowadays, many companies are having a hard time with their onboarding processes because of using the wrong practices for their new hires. According to Gallup research, only 12% of companies are successful in their onboarding processes.1 In this article, we are going to identify some of the common mistakes that companies make during the onboarding process of their new hires and explain what you can do to avoid them.

Think about when to start onboarding 🤔

The onboarding process is about adding new employees to your organization. Luckily you can increase the effectiveness of these processes to ensure that your new hires are ready to take responsibility on their first day in the company. To do that, you should consider starting the onboarding even before you complete your hiring process. SSend out key information about your organization when the offer is set to help your new employee get to know you quickly. Also, don’t be late when giving technological devices to your hires and setting them up so you can avoid wasting time with technical details later.

Be clear with new hires 🤯

As it can be expected, clear communication between new hires and your company is essential in ensuring that you and your employee are on the same page regarding what you expect them to achieve in their first days. So, clarify how you will measure their performance and what you expect them to perform in their first period with your company. That way, you can avoid any undesired situations that may stem from the discrepancies between your expectations and your new hires’ performance.

Do not compress the process 🤢

Sometimes, onboarding processes may overload new hires with new information and rules about the organization. This overload may lead to their exhaustion as expected, and this is the very last thing you would need a new employee to feel. According to HCI research, in most organizations, the onboarding process stops after the first week of an employee.2 What you need to do is to extend your onboarding process and give time for your new employees to fully adjust themselves to your work environment. The onboarding process may take up to 60 days regarding how well your new hires respond to the process and get involved in your workflow.

Provide feedback 🤓

As long as anyone from your organization doesn’t let them know, your new employee has no way of knowing if they are performing well enough to meet your company’s requirements. Providing your new hires with regular and constructive feedback is extremely helpful in guiding them in the right direction. Set up meetings with them, regularly get in touch with new hires, and let them know about their level of performance at the moment. This will make your onboarding process a whole lot easier since your employee will know if they are taking enough responsibility to find themselves a permanent place in your company.

Streamlined onboarding with Kolay 🤩

Workforce management software Kolay helps you with all your HR affairs, including the process of onboarding. With Kolay, you can easily access your employee records and keep track of your company assets including who you assigned them. You can create employee training plans, track their progress, quickly share any data you want with your organization and let Kolay deal with the complex parts of onboarding while you focus on providing your new hires with a welcoming work environment. Also, you can make performance evaluations based on competence or goals and track if your onboarding process is affecting your new hires as it should. Start trying Kolay now for free, and get ahead of your competition with streamlined HR solutions!


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2- https://www.hci.org/system/files/2019-11/Onboarding-Retention-Whitepaper%20%282%29.pdf

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