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HRM Software: The Most Effective Way to Manage HR Workflows

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HRM Software: The Most Effective Way to Manage HR Workflows

Human Resources departments, whether made up of one employee or a hundred of them, all have one common goal: developing organizational health and increasing work efficiency. They are responsible for interviewing and hiring candidates, reviewing job performance, regulating benefits, motivating employees, and communicating between employees and management. 

The wide range of processes undertaken by the HR departments means their workflow can be challenging to handle efficiently. Thankfully, however, we live in the age of digital revolution and data processing, and HRM software is here to come to the rescue of HR departments. Today, HRM software provides unbeatable convenience, saving time and effort. It helps HR specialists to automate everything they can and focus more on the “human” side of the job. As a result, they have more time for each individual in the organization.

What is HRM Software?

HRM software (also called HRIS-human resources information system, or HCM-human capital management system) refers to a tool or system that helps you store the data of employees, generate reports when necessary, and automate other processes, saving vital time. It helps businesses of every scale manage regular HR tasks like payroll, attendance, and leave easily. They allow you to see how your employees are doing, whether they need training, and immediately plan it. Since a company’s most valuable resource is human time, using technology to avoid time-consuming errands and allowing focus on driving insights for a better organization is important for optimally managing human capital.

Like with all forms of technology, not all HR softwares is the same and provides all the features your business may need, but there are some common features shared by most. In this article, we will review the most popular features provided by such systems. 

Managing Employee Data

Paper-and-pen data storage is already outdated, as are multiple excel files in folders. Storing employee data such as demographics, payroll, leave, and performance diagnostics is both easier and safer with HR software. It comes with benefits like having a holistic perception of HR processes through easily accessing all the data, and generating reports to help plan the next steps to take.

Payroll Management

Managing payroll is a crucial part of any business, and if it is mismanaged, it may result in fines later. Payroll management software helps you track payroll, incentives, employee expenses, and avoid miscalculations to reach precise data when it’s needed. The stable management of payroll is important to keep a consistent image of the company in an employee’s mind, making them feel safe. Our article on Expense and Bonus Management thoroughly explains the additional expenses and bonus payments a company may need to pay in order to build motivation or increase productivity, and emphasizes the importance of this process’ correct and active management.

Leave Management

There are different kinds of leave that employees can use, including annual and occasional, paid and unpaid leave types. With leave management software, you can easily track leave requests and respond to them. You can immediately see how many days and which types of leaves have already been used, and plan future leave efficiently without any miscommunication trouble.

Performance Management

Most companies review employee’s performance once or twice a year. It is now known that this is not frequently enough in quickly-evolving work environments. An awareness of an employee’s competence and skills helps to allocate tasks optimally. It is important to set private goals, tailored to each employee, for them to strive for whilst providing continuous learning and development support, and giving feedback. It is hard to keep track of performance in conventional ways, especially in big organizations,

Performance management software enables you to keep track of an employee’s developmental process and set goals and allows you to review the results efficiently. This means you can provide a structure. The absence of such a structure means employees have uncertain career pathways, resulting in a loss of interest in development. In-person meetings and evaluations with employees take a lot of time and leave room for intuitional decisions and fuzzy career plans. A performance management software helps to properly measure development and act on data, thus providing a meaningful scheme for measuring employee performance.

Necessary for All Sizes of Business

Organizations from SMB’s and start-ups to large businesses need HR software to operate smoothly, even though the scope of HR-related processes differs between companies. Large businesses deal with many people, so HR specialists need to address the needs of many. For a growing company, it is important to build a steady operation and culture from the beginning, and not to waste time with HR tasks that could easily be handled by software.

Manage All Your HR Workflow with Kolay

Kolay offers an integrated online software to manage all HR processes in a fast, easy, and secure way. It has four compounds that provide different solutions with fair prices. With a “core application”, you can access all HR data remotely and create dynamic reports easily when necessary. It also tracks processes like leave and payment and provides your employees with private accounts. The “Performance” application enables you to get and give 360-degree feedback, evaluate employee competence, and measure performance with concrete data. You can also track the availability of employees through “shift application” and generate daily, weekly, and even yearly schedules. With the “Payroll” application you can store and manage all your payroll data in one place, and calculate pay precisely to avoid miscalculations. Try Kolay now for free, and see the impact it makes yourself.

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