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How to create employee training programs?

Gizem Küçükcan

A successful and experienced workforce is one of the most valuable assets an organization can have. To meet the requirements of being involved in a competitive market, businesses continuously look for ways to improve the quality of their workforce since ensuring the success of their workforce is one of the most critical steps in delivering their organizational goals. 

One of the most common ways organizations use to improve their workforces is by implementing more complex and effective hiring strategies to identify what they need in their workforce and which potential employees can cover their needs. But in most cases, hiring new employees is much more costly than just developing your existing team because new employees are more likely to leave your organization sooner. On the contrary, when teams work together for an extended period of time, their motivation and productivity. 

Create a unique employee training program

Even though creating an employee training program and developing your team is more efficient than hiring new employees, it’s important to note that not every organization shares the same needs for similar staff training programs. While some businesses focus on employee training plans that emphasize leadership training, others may choose to train their staff on project management, time management, effective communication, etc. 

The main idea of training programs is to help employees become more knowledgeable about their tasks. It helps them make better decisions, solve problems, and improve their skill sets. Training programs are designed to be interactive and provide data-driven insights for learning or improving performance. And employee training is a process that helps employees to acquire skills and knowledge. So, the first thing that needs to be done while creating an employee training program is deciding which skills and knowledge you need to develop your business and increase your efficiency.

First step; Assessment

Before starting to plan your training program, you must examine the current state of your organization and identify the areas that lack the required qualifications or qualities to deliver their goals regularly. It would be best to decide what your current workforce needs to improve and what you can teach them to help them improve in the intended way. You can check out our blog post, ‘How to do Strategic Workforce Planning’ for further information on workforce assessment.

Set your aims

After identifying your organization’s training needs, setting clear objectives for the employee training programs you’re going to create and implement is crucially important. The main goal for an employee training program is to close the skill gap between the current assessed situation of your company and the desired level of performance. And setting these clear goals before starting to implement your employee training program helps you track the success of your company’s training process.

Choose a way to do it

When your company’s needs and organizational training goals are certain, you need to create an action plan for your employee training program. Your employee training’s action plan must include the following;

  • Which parts of your workforce will be included in your staff training? 
  • Will the training program be conducted by an in-house team, or will you outsource it?
  • What will the training process look like? Will you use workshops or traditional training methods like conferences and lectures?
  • Will you train your employees as individuals or as teams?
  • Is it going to be technical training or soft skills training?

Execute by caution

You identified your company’s needs, you created an action plan, and now it’s time to implement your employee training program. This is a critical step, and there are things that you need to take into consideration; scheduling the training, allocating necessary resources to the training process, and ensuring that your employees are fully engaged with the training process. And during the training, you need to actively track your employees’ progress to ensure that your training plans are going by the schedule.

Don’t underestimate its importance: Training evaluation

After the training process ends, it is time to put your formerly identified training objectives into use. It would be best if you examined whether you could meet your training goals or not and got detailed feedback from all your employees involved in the training process. This will allow you to see how the training helped you develop your workforce, why it failed to meet your objectives, and how you can improve your training strategies for a more efficient process. Also, making an employee performance assessment before and after the training process helps you clearly see the difference the training has made. 

Kolay helps you with your training programs

With the HR solutions of workforce management software Kolay, you can actively track your employees’ training processes anytime and from any device you want. Keeping track of your company’s training programs helps you see your training process’ progress. Besides progress tracking, the Performance package of Kolay also enables you to assess your training programs by giving you the ability to implement a 360-degree feedback system. With 360-degree feedback, you can quickly get formal feedback from all your team, including managers and employees. Kolay lets you easily measure your organizational success with goal-based and competency-based evaluations; it also helps you assess your training program by comparing the state of your organization’s performance before and after the process. Start trying Kolay now for free, and experience the difference of smart HR solutions by yourself!

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