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Goal-Based Evaluation: The Secret Ingredient to Get Your Business Ahead

Melis Oktay

Personal goals, company goals, project goals, quarterly goals… Goal is one of the most frequently used terms in today’s workplace, but is it getting the attention it deserves?

What is goal-based evaluation?
What is goal-based evaluation?

Everybody is doing their best to reach the given goals on time, and this may look like an ideal scenario on paper. But the modern-day workflow demands a little more than that. For companies tracking the goals is a must since it uncovers a great deal of information about employees, teams, and the company in general. That is where goal-based evaluation comes into play.

What is a goal-based evaluation?

Goal-based evaluations differ from standard performance management, or performance appraisal in other words, with one distinct element: company goals versus employee performance, or in this case, employee goals. Therefore, goal-based evaluations reveal a bigger picture of the best and weak sides of the operations in general. In the end, goal-based performance evaluations let managers build better teams and strategies for future projects. However, conducting a goal-based evaluation process without a personal performance evaluation is nearly impossible. 

The advantages of goal-based evaluations

Evaluating teams and their members with the consideration of company goals gives businesses a better understanding of the unique abilities of each employee, which in the long run becomes one of the top key factors in promotion management. The data derived from the personal evaluation also gives you a better idea of company goals and goal-based evaluations. Plus, the whole process also sheds light on the side goals that you did not have in the first place. 

Another pro of goal-based performance evaluations is motivation. Employees tend to perform better when things are on track. On the other hand, there can be some disadvantages of goal-based evaluations if companies lose balance. Being under the eye all the time may put employees under a lot of stress, and nobody wants their workforce to feel like they are in a George Orwell novel.

The best way to avoid a stressful evaluation process is to make it look natural. Integrating the evaluation process into the workflow is one of the most functioning ways to go. While designing Kolay’s all-in-one performance management product, we were going after the most streamlined and natural process for team leaders and employees.

Streamline the evaluation process with Kolay

Here at Kolay, we believe that a healthy performance evaluation brings out solutions, not problems. The performance evaluation process, whether it is goal-based or personal, does not need to be something that employees are afraid of. One of our four main products, the All-in-One Performance Management Tool, evaluates employee performance, company goal performance, and skill performance on the same platform and gives detailed reports about any asset needed. Try Kolay today and see how easily you can streamline performance evaluation! 

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