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Employee Qualities That Gained Importance in the Last Year

Melis Oktay
Employee Qualities That Gained Importance in the Last Year
Employee Qualities That Gained Importance in the Last Year

Employees are the foundation of a company. Their personal qualities as individuals and their ability to work together as a team on projects directly contribute to the success of the organization. In the past, employee qualities that employers look for when hiring new team members were pretty straightforward. The top qualities employers were looking for were the ones that are directly related to the position they are hiring for, and it was important to learn what that new employee can add to their team as an individual. But business environments are not the same as they were, now what they require from employees to have as personal traits have drastically changed with globalization and technology. 

After the Coronavirus outbreak, it’s hard not to see that traditional skills that managers look for in their employees will not be the same. With the new normal, organizations try to get accustomed to the new top qualities that are required in modern workplaces; soft skills.

Employee Qualities – Soft Skills

Generally, employers want to know if candidates are qualified enough to deliver their goals in the position they are applying for, and knowing about what they learn in school or professional training programs is usually enough to see if the candidate is skilled enough to achieve what they are asked for. These are called hard skills, and they directly relate to the work that needs to be done by the new hires. But soft skills are somewhat different from hard skills; they are non-technical skills that tend to be more subjective. Soft skills are learned over time and not necessarily taught in school. These include verbal and written communication, teamwork, empathy, creativity, problem-solving, leadership skills, and much more which make people better candidates for a job. But also these skills indicate that they would directly contribute to the smooth and seamless workflow of an organization.

What are they?


The business world has dramatically changed in the last two years. Before 2020, nearly every office worker had a 9-5 working routine, and almost all companies had the same type of workforce. In the past two years, the business world has seen the emergence of remote offices and hybrid working plans. No one knows what the future will bring and how it will affect the business world that is why it’s crucial to have a team that is flexible enough to easily adjust to the potential changes. 

Time management

With the increase in remote offices and hybrid employees, many more people are working from their home offices than ever before. This means one thing for team leaders and managers; the inability to control if their employees are working or not. Because they work out of their office, the only thing that may indicate whether the employees are working or not is their ability to deliver and overcome their responsibilities. So, managing one’s own time is a crucial skill for remote offices and hybrid workforces.

Efficient Communication

Efficient communication is one of the essential qualities of a good candidate because they have to communicate well with other people in their teams. They need to convey information understandably, or they could lead other people more astray than they originally were. Efficient communication skills are also a need for group work because it will make it much more efficient and easy for everybody involved.

Willingness to fail and learn

Even though this is not a quality that started to bear importance only after the Covid crisis, it gained high importance since the last two years taught us that there can always be new ways to deal with our jobs, and new ways to grow the organization can always be found. To implement this mindset in the company culture, employers started to look for employees who are not afraid of trying out new solutions for the problems that new working conditions unveil.

Improve Your Workforce With Kolay

Even though these qualities may seem like they’re common among your candidates, it’s not that easy to find people that offer all of them at once. So you can consider organizing company training to improve your existing workforce, and have a team that is ready for what the future may hold. With the modern HR solutions of Kolay, you can easily organize company training and track your employees’ training processes. Also, you can individually communicate with all your employees, share anything anytime you want, make competence assessments, create detailed performance reports, and access your employees’ records anytime from any device you please. Try out Kolay for free, and start a new era for all your HR affairs.


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