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5 ideas to celebrate your employee’s birthdays remotely

Gizem Küçükcan

Even though there is unhappiness caused by getting older, the days when one feels the happiest and most special are birthdays. Being together with family and friends, sharing the happiness of that day with a small celebration makes everyone feel special. Those enthusiastic birthday parties we celebrated with our teammates at the office, huge chocolate cake, and after-work meals… Wait a second. All this has been replaced by screens, hasn’t it?

Celebrating employee birthdays is an effective way to reward them, build their loyalty and therefore increase their productivity.

In addition to salary and benefits, rewards are one of the most important forces in increasing employee engagement.

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Celebrating birthdays is still very valuable in the time we live in, even though it seems different than in the past.We have 5 great ideas for remote birthday celebrations that will make your employees smile, improve your team culture and increase productivity.

An online party. Why not? 👩‍💻

Who can prevent you from having a birthday party with the team? The screens? We don’t think so. Organizing a party online while working remotely may be just what is needed. Leave the routine business meetings aside and have a fun virtual meeting with your team. This pleasant meeting with the team will help you to have a strong interaction by letting you get to know each other better and get away from the daily work stress.

Give them little surprises. 🎁

The best thing to give to people celebrating their birthday is a gift. Gift baskets, coffee mugs, gift certificates, pizzas, flowers and more… Whatever the content, a gift is the best surprise for an employee. But before that, a small e-card is the easiest way to make sense of today. The congratulatory message in their e-mail box will make them feel extremely valuable.

Give a birthday leave. 🏖️

One day’s leave you can give them is equivalent to sending a gift. You can offer them a day off that they can use on their actual birthday or in the future. Giving them a leave to use in the future lets them enjoy their special day whenever they want.

Get tickets for the event. 🎡

In remote working order, teams can be far from each other; therefore, it is unfortunately not possible to do an activity together. Take a look at what’s going on in the city where the remote worker is located. You can gift them tickets for concerts, theaters, fairs, exhibitions, museums and any event day they will like. Even if you are not with them, you will cause them to have a pleasant day. Knowing this makes you feel good.

Who doesn’t love games? 🎮

Everyone loves games. Games you can play together build trust and allow teams to form stronger bonds. You can have online game meetings out of working hours. You can also contribute access to paid apps that you can play alone. At this point, it is sufficient for the person to determine the games that he will like. Then let the game begin!

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