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4 Post-Covid Business Recovery Ideas

Melis Oktay

After one of the longest years of the century, too many things about our lives have irrevocably changed; the way we have fun, have dinner, meet with friends or with new people, go shopping, have a vacation, and of course, businesses changed. These shifts in the business world have already affected a lot, and it doesn’t seem like the changes are temporary.

4 Post-Covid Business Recovery Ideas
4 Post-Covid Business Recovery Ideas

Business After Covid

All of the people have experienced important changes in their work lives. New business trends have emerged to negate the effects of the global pandemic that hit all organizations, and companies started to get accustomed to these trends. In this article, we will talk about the 4 business ideas that emerged post-Covid.

‘True’ Remote Offices

One of the most important and most evident changes in the daily workflow of companies is the shift from traditional 9-5 offices to online offices where everyone works from their safe spaces without interfering with each other and without jeopardizing other employees’ health. This created many challenges for employees that were not prepared for a year in their home offices; some did not have enough room to work, some did not have personal computers, and some did not have access to an adequate internet connection.

Despite these challenges, a great majority of companies don’t look like they are going back to their physical offices shortly since the benefits of remote work coincide with the requirements of a pandemic era. So, what companies need to immediately consider is providing their employees with whatever they need to work as efficiently as they do in their physical offices.

Understanding Data

In 2021, technology and online services had already been a part of nearly all organizations’ daily operations. And Covid only added to the digitalization of all business industries since one-on-one communications and physical shops have come to a halt with the recent crisis. This digital revolution has only led to one thing; an abundance of data, and a surprisingly small number of companies that are enjoying the benefits of accurate data they hold that can easily help create new business models. 

So, what organizations need to do is to emphasize the importance of data; and use it to improve their sales, their marketing campaigns, and HR processes. The first suggestion in that aim is to evolve your team according to your needs and invest in hiring a successful data specialist.


With the technological advancements of the 21st century, many jobs started to disappear with the emergence of Artificial Intelligence and automated robots replacing humans. We already saw this shift in factories, warehouses, transportation, and so on.

In a work environment that favors the efficient use of employees, it’s essential to identify which tasks necessitate the presence of a human to be done. And find out if that task is doable with an automated Artificial Intelligence supported system. 

Social Engagement

In a post-Covid market environment that is oversaturated with businesses trying to cling to life, competition is higher than ever. To keep their existing customers happy and attract new ones, companies need to make sure that they regularly engage with their potential and existing customers through social media. 

Since social media has much more traffic than your town’s busiest street nowadays, organizations need to keep up with their customers on social media. By seeing what they talk about, what they need, how they feel, and how can their company help solve their problems.

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