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What does a human resources specialist do?

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What does a human resources specialist do?

We have been working with human resources staff for a long time. You can ask them for leave with a post-it, advice for your love life, help for mediation with the boss and a nursery for your child; they are the addresses of almost every issue. But what does a human resources specialist actually do in a company?

As you see, the scale is broad, but what does a human resources specialist do? I tried to compile it all for future human resources specialists.

Recruitment, of course

The most important task of a human resources specialist is the first time many of us have faced one: recruitment. They are the ones who interview, evaluate and place the many people we work with today.

This process, which starts with the opening of the job announcement, ends with the completion of the employment process and the archiving of the personnel file.

Personnel Management

The process of the documentation of all the contact the employee has with the company is called personnel management. In the center of it, there are the documents referred to as “personal file”. A personal file is a kind of employee registration file that contains all the information of the employee, and every company should keep one separately for each employee.

For detailed information, read our article “What is a personal file? How should it be prepared?”

Preparing Payroll

Job announcement was opened, candidate pool was created, eliminations were made, interviews were done and your colleague started work. Payroll must be prepared at the end of the first month.

Payroll is a document that regulates the wage relationship between the employer and the employee. The employer shall publicly declare the fee to be paid to the employee, and the employee shall also control and accept or reject.

Preparing a payroll may be the duty of the HR within the structure of the company or may be the duty of the accountant or payroll expert.

Detailed information on payroll can be found in the Payroll section of our HR Library.

Performance Evaluation

Performance evaluation is the measurement of an employee’s potential, capabilities, occupational behaviors, and all work-related qualifications, in comparison with the other employees. It is done repeatedly in a specific order.

It is one of the most important issues for the development of company organization and employees in today’s human resources approach.

For detailed information on performance evaluation, read our article “What is performance evaluation?”

Organizing and Following Up Training

Training Management

One of the most important duties of human resources is to organize training and contribute to the professional and personal development of employees. In addition to the training that contributes to the development of people, it is necessary to organize the required training such as Occupational Safety, Information Security etc and to ensure the repetition of these training in required periods.

At Kolay, we follow the Occupational Safety and Information Security training we organize on our software and we evaluate them. Take a look at our Training Management feature to learn more.

Managing Leave and Overtime

Leave management is one of the biggest struggles of the human resources staff. They waste their valuable time that can be used for more important jobs on tracking leaves and calculating who has how many days of leave left, who is currently on leave, or if the leave is paid or unpaid.

Leave management includes how many days and hours a department works and the calculation of the time the employee spends at the workplace as an individual.

Managing Resigning and Layoffs

Yes, one of the most unpleasant aspects of human resources is having to deal with these issues. Determining and implementing the procedures to be followed in case a person leaves their job with their request or by the company’s decision…

Of course, in order to carry out all these operations, it is necessary to master both the Labor Law and the relevant legislation.

In the meantime, whichever of these you are doing as a human resources specialist, we are here to ease your work. You can try Kolay, that makes life easier for HR staff, for 15 days free of charge.

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