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The importance of Startups in HR

Gizem Küçükcan

Let’s imagine the number of employees in a startup company. 3? 5? Maybe less. In such a situation, why would you need an HR department in a startup company with few employees? No, unfortunately it’s not that simple.

the importance of startups in hr

We all know that the role and importance of human resources is extremely critical for companies of all sizes. Especially for a startup, HR becomes a management style that needs to be thought through and focused on. So together, what is the role and importance of HR in startups, what are the challenges it faces? Let’s view.

Ignoring the importance of human resources in startups creates a major obstacle to the sustainability of companies. A solid HR foundation in finding and retaining the right talent is critical to companies’ performance and success. At this point, the first noticeable process may seem like recruitment, but there is more!

HR challenges in Startups

Startups have become quite common in the business world in recent years. Many startups were started by creative entrepreneurs to make a difference with their products and services. Successful startups easily distinguished themselves from companies with traditional and old-fashioned management. So how did they do it? As in every company, there were many HR challenges faced by startups in this regard.

  • Lack of interest from company management in HR policies and compliance
  • Lack of experts and company policies are not in line with it
  • Lack of continuous feedback system for employee performance
  • Insufficient awareness to create a corporate culture
  • Deficiencies in determining and implementing training needs

Whatever challenges you face, it’s essential that you show your commitment to your employees and your company. This ensures that you care about the well-being of your employees and that you are running a successful HR department.

What are the HR requirements for startups?

For startups, implementing HR solutions is an advantage rather than a burden. Creating an HR strategy that will create a flexible working environment due to the nature of startups and adapt to company policies as needed creates an advantage for startups.

Adopting an employee-oriented HR understanding, creating and maintaining a healthy and safe workplace are among the important duties of HR professionals in startups.

Successful recruitment and onboarding process 🤝

Your hiring experience gives insight into your company culture. A positive recruiting experience for candidates encourages the talent you want to choose you. For unsuccessful candidates, ending the deadline gracefully shows that you respect and care about their time. At this point, you should show that you care about the candidates in the recruitments that result in positive or negative results.

After the recruitment comes the productive time spent for the candidate to easily adapt to the company and its team. This period represents a time that needs to be considered in more detail, especially in remote working life. An effective onboarding helps the candidate to adapt to the fast and different world of startups by removing any questions about the operation of the company.

Legislations and payment 💸

Knowing the legislations well and applying them correctly makes employees feel safe. When you pay your employees timely and accurately, you can increase their loyalty. For starters, having fringe benefits besides their salary can create a lot of cost at first, but then it contributes to a reliable employer brand.

Hold on to the talents 🫂

Fast-growing startups may find it difficult to retain employees in the first place. While the company grows within its own dynamic, employees should be able to keep up with this pace and establish a good work-life balance. At this point, the work you will do on employee motivation is extremely important. Measuring their performance, nurturing them with continuous feedback and applying training programs regularly, although it may not seem necessary at first, is an extremely important requirement for retaining the talent.

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